The Wonders of the Czech Republic

February 7, 2018

One place that will be fascinating  in September is the Czech Republic.  Since the departure of the communism  in 1989, it has become a very popular travel destination, it offers a whole range of activities.


From river cruises, to day trips and looking at locations like Prague Castle and a trip to see the mountains in the north around Bastei.  It offers more than just a stag do destination, there are lots of other very fibrant and unusual things to to do whilst visiting Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic.


There are 5 here that I have listed.  This is by no means in any order, just places that I would recomend.  I have not seen them yet but will when I journey out there in September 2018.  I have prepared a list in Atlas Obscura  (Definitive guidebook and friendly tour-guide to the world's most wondrous places. Travel tips, articles, strange facts and unique events.)  The list contains 29 locations in and around The Czech Republic, this might change in time, but the country offers so much more.


After travelling up from Vienna, we will be exploring Prague, inc Prague Castle, seen here in the night sky.


Head to the North of the country and just pop over to Germany for Bastei, for these epic sandstone formations.  194 metres above the river Elbe.  Great place for a stroll in the evenings.


Further to the east in Krkonoše National Park, most valuable natural areas in all of Central Europe. The highest Czech mountain range, it is a unique mosaic of ecosystems.

Punkva Cave System is best-known subterranean areas of the Moravian Karst, where you’ll get to travel along an underground river.  Take some guided tours, with local guides.  Punkva CavesPunkva Caves get a .pdf CAVE ADMINISTRATION OF THE MORAVIAN KARST (Cost £7.00 per adult)


Pernštejn Castle is a castle on a rock above the village of Nedvědice and the rivers Svratka and Nedvědička.  Lots to look around..







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