Motoscape 2018

December 23, 2017

After our journey in 2017 from UK to the Actic Circle, Norway, Romania and down to Dakar, Senegal and back.  The team decided to challenge ourselves again and this time drive to Venice, then onto Prague in the Czech Republic. 

 This awesome drive will see Matt Sully and William Rae drive through 10 countries:  UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia & Czech Republic.  It might be possible to see if we can do Switzerland, Liechtenstein also as these will be new countries to visit. Intended time to do this is 7 days.

This all takes place on the 1st September 2018.  In a car of choice our Toyota Corolla shown below.


Prior to this thre vehicle has been with us on our journey to The Arctic Circle down to the Mauritanian Border with Western Sahara.


WIth just over 187000 miles on the clock and stil ticking.... Needs to have an alternator replacmement, I also may get the plugs changed as well, as siting for the winter lets the damp get in.  Other than that we are good to go.  


The route that we are driving, has been decided and may change over time. 

 On the journey we have many options for us,, Opportunity to take on the Legendary Nürburgring, Germany. where we intend to sample the delights of the old race track. Called the "Green Hell", A victory on the Nordschleife has a very special meaning for racers, because this course is considered one of the most demanding par excellence. Unclear, unobservable curves, blind, treacherous peaks, strong inclines and gradients and frequently changing road surfaces require great driving skills and put the vehicles to a real test.


The next is to drive over a number of mountain passes through Italy such as the Stelvio / Timmelsjoch, these are closed suring the winter months but will be open to us when we drive over the Ortler Alps and Ötztal Alps, joining Austria with Italy.  


The last one is to get to visit the fantastic Lamborghini and Ferrari Museum in Italy.  Followed by staying in Venice for one night, and have a journey on a gondola.


After arriving in Prague have few drinks and dinner with participants.  Then a tour of Prague to visit some great locations, followed by a tour of the rest of Czech Republic.  A map of which can be seen here.





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