Odyssey to Dakar (The Odyssey to Dakar 2017) Buy Book

A combination of the stunning Fjords to the Deserts of Sahara

June through to August in 2017, teams from all over the world embaked to drive from the United Kingdom to Dakar in Senegal, Africa.  Fantastic journey up through Scandinavia, to pop out on the the most northly point at Nordkapp, Norway.  Followed by countless countries in Europe, inc. Ukraine, Romania and Croatia.  The Mediteranian coast has some beautiful spots, followed by Italy.  A ferry to Tangiers Med meant we had then a few weeks in Africa and the deserts.  The temperatures soared, but our cars performed very well.  The last few countries we travelled up through Spain and Portugal.

Hightlights of the trip came from the different scenery in Norway, from Fjords, Mountains, Glaciers, roads....  Also one species I loved to see was the Boabob trees of Senegal.