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There are many rallies across the world, for many charities, some you pay for some you don't.  Some are chaotic some are not, some are a mixture of gravel, dirt and paved roads. Over many countries and continents but one common theme is to have fun whilst you do it.

The landscape is forever changing from mountains in The High Atlas, in Morocco and Caucasus in Georgia, , to deserts of the Sahara in Morocco, Karakum in Turkmenistan and , to woodlands in Romania and Sweden, High Steppes of Mongolia and Kazakhstan, to the Western shores of the Coast in Africa and around the shores of the Baltic Sea.....

From Sailing a vessel to take you across the ocean, to driving across the top of the globe to using a Monkey bike to travel across the desert, this has some of the craziest challenges available around the globe.... 


This is 37 of the best rallys from across the globe, from en-road challenges in a banger, to professionally organised events whether it be in a car, truck, a motorbike and sidecar, motorbike, a side by side or a quad.

If you have a rally and want to be featured below get in touch, we want to hear from you.  Email Matt Sully at theodysseyto@gmail.com

Charity Rally

A variety of challenges throughout the Globe - Call to Arms

We're The Adventurists.  Fighting to make the world less boring.


Charity Rally

Driven to Xtremes

Join the Sahara Rally Drive Of a Lifetime – In a Citroen Berlingo!

There are a few places left to join one of 2019’s most exciting automotive adventures, driving the original Dakar Rally route across the Sahara Desert in an ageing Citroen Berlingo!

Charity Rally

Superlative Adventure

6 Challenges, from driving around the Baltic to across Russia

Run from Germany offering a number of excellent adventures, focusing on Charity, and a mix of challenges around Balkan, United Kingdom and Pacific Ocean.

Profesional Rally

Silkway Rally

Russia, Mongolia & China

SILK WAY RALLY 2019: the 9th edition of the SILK WAY RALLY will feature a brand-new route. Mongolia will be part of the track. Creation of a motorcycle category. 


Catgoreys - From the shores of Lake Baikal in Siberia to the Mongol steppes, up to the giant dunes of the Gobi Desert, bikes and quads will share the same race route as cars and trucks but also SSV’s.

Charity Rally

Cruise down over the Swiss Alps to Venice and Prague

It takes a while to turn a good European rally into a great European rally. The Motoscape Banger Rally is a road trip around Europe which has been running since 2005.  

Charity Rally

6 Countries, 6 Checkpoints, 6 Parties, 9000km in 19 Days

Crews, in a wide variety of whacky vehicles, adventure across Southern Africa and meet up at Checkpoints located at the heart of each country
for awesome locally flavoured meals and themed parties, and loads of giving back through hands-on charity work.

It is an EPIC African Adventure with challenges around every corner, wild animals, deserts, canyons, mountain ranges, forests, lakes, oceans and national parks... a chance to meet great people, experience different foods, cultures and traditions the most incredible opportunity to see the very best of Africa? ABSOLUTELY!

Profesional Rally

Dakar Rally

Offroad Rally in South America

Take part in the worlds toughest offroad Rally Race and share the experience with Dakars Heros

3 other series in the  Dakar Series in Argentina, Peru and Morocco.

All have a variety of vehicles that enter into these profesional races, Trucks, Cars, Side by sides, Quads and Motorbikes.

Amateur or Charity Rally

Driving from Spain and around Morocco over the Altas Mountains

An edition with more sand than road than ever...... Tailored for each category of racing

Charity Rally

Rust to Rome

'The Experience of a lifetime'

When you join Rust 2 Rome, you are joining an event  with 12 years of experience with adventure holidays.

Profesional Rally

Endurance Rally Association

15 Events from around the globe from Lima to Cape Horn in 2020 to an adventure around the Adriatic in 2019

With over 65 major events under their belts since they kickstarted the historic rallying movement in the 1980's, they've helped hundreds of competitors fulfill their dreams. With unparalleled experience in route planning and superb backup services, they go the extra mile to make every experience extraordinary and enjoyable.

All the up and coming events....

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