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Wells - What a wonderful place

The first on the list of places to fundraise in these crazy times of COVID was Wells, Somerset. What a exquisite place with many unknown delights. Who would have known....

The City of Wells has it's own Catherdral.

The first cathedral in Europe designed solely in the Gothic style, Wells Cathedral was begun in 1176, and work would continue for the next 300 years. It is hailed as one of the country’s finest, and the prevailing style is Early English, evident in the fluted piers, pointed arcades and capitals with foliate designs.

The cathedral’s beguiling west facade measures 46 metres across and has more than 300 sculpted figures.

With these also 13th Century Bishops place. The palace is out of the ordinary for an ecclesiastical building as it is defended by a moat and fortified walls.

There is also have a market place, Vicars close, Wells and Mendip Museum, St Cuthbert's Church, The Old Deanery, The Bishops Barn and a 'hot fuzz' tour. Surrounded by the magnificent Mendip hills that are also home to the famous Wooky Hole Caves.

The people of Wells were out even though the rain was forcast, we did yes get a number of storms but that didn't seem to dampen any spirits. Was nice to see how people talk to one another and go obout there daily business. Various shops and businesses in around the Market place, I stood at the top end in the entrace to Bishops Palace. Very interesting doorway behind me, lots of intersting details in and around this massive wooden doorway...

People were so very kind and donated much money for Marie Curie. Not sure of the amount just yet, but that will be counted soon....

Would like to say thank you to everyone who donated.

Photos Sources, top to bottom:

Wells Market Place, Source: irisphoto1 / shutterstock

Bishop’s Palace, Source: Fotomicar / shutterstock

Wells Cathedral, Source: ian woolcock / shutterstock

Archway, Source Matt Sully

Fundraiser, Source Matt Sully

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