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The Marie Curie Urgent Appeal

Right now, more people need us than ever before. Our nurses, hospices and Support Line have been here through it all, day and night, caring for dying people with and without coronavirus. We urgently need your donations to help continue our vital work.


100% of the monies goes toward Marie Curie 


Donate to Marie Curie by clicking
the Marie Curie Button


Since 2014, I have travelled the planet raising money for Cancer Reaserch UK and Marie Curie raising over £15,000 for Charity... Recently choosing Marie Curie.


During 2021, intend to raise money for Marie Curie as they struggled during 2020 to raise any money at all.... during Covid-19, has caused  havoc across the planet.  Finally managed to get out again to be instore collecting..... Please keep the money flowing...

Many people have a have terminal illness and Marie Curie need all the support they can get.  They urgently need a donation to help continue there vital work.


I Personally have lost my father through having stomach cancer and have lost a few very close friends through having the deadly disease.  So any money I can get donated is so much appreciated....

We intend to drive 5000 miles throughout UK, France, Spain.... in 2022.

To read more about the adventures please click the link below and read all about it:


Whether I am driving around the South West With Yanooshe Team with 30 crazy teams, or donation comes from someone who wants to buy an item created by Mark Cordory (Mark Cordory Creations).... however much it is it very welcome and the money will be spent by charity of Marie Curie.

An update will be given using FacebookPolarsteps on location and how the journey is, mentioning destination and the location of my current dolls......  This will enable you do give some interaction with use through 2022.

Polar Steps