Odyssey to Prague (The Motorscape Challenge 2022)  

In September 2022, embarking on another adventure in driving down to Venice, then onto Prague, Czech Republic.  Famously taking in Nurburgring, Germany, may take in a few musuems, Lamborgini and maybe a trip over the border to San Marino this year...  A day in Venice followed by the last night in Prague, Czech Republic.  This challenge is called the Motoscape Challenge 2018, this will do this for Charity (Marie Curie).  Raising as much money we can.  2020/2021 is not a good year for charities from the COVID-19 Virus, so every Penny counts.  

  • Czechnia (2018)

    Photographs of the journey​​

  • Dakar (2017)

    Photographs of the journey 

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