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The Marie Curie Urgent Appeal

Right now, more people need us than ever before. Our nurses, hospices and Support Line have been here through it all, day and night, caring for dying people with and without coronavirus. We urgently need your donations to help continue our vital work.


100% of the monies goes toward Marie Curie 


In order to do this we have come up with an idea that individuals could have the company or individuals displayed on the car at all times.

So a donation could go towards one name of a person on the car.

To find all the names have been added to the list of Names On the Car.

A photo can be taken of an individual person:

  1. In the car

  2. Next to the car

  3. On the car

  4. Pretending to cook in the BBQ on the back of the car


However many photos, these would then be emailed at a later date.  Would then take all the names and place them on the front left wing of the car. (see photo at bottom of page)

The individual names will be displayed throughout UK, France, Spain and Morocco.... in 2022 (All countries on Odyssey to Sahara 2022). 


If a company wishes to have the name or a logo of the firm on the vehicle this is also possible.

The rate would depend on the size and location of the logo.

For Example:

£5.00 for small logo less than 10cm (less than A4)

£20.00 for medium logo 10cm to 30cm (A4)

£50.00 for large logo 30cm plus. (A3 plus)

Cars with no Stickers
Cars with Stickers