Charity Donations 

The Marie Curie Urgent Appeal

Right now, more people need us than ever before. Our nurses, hospices and Support Line have been here through it all, day and night, caring for dying people with and without coronavirus. We urgently need your donations to help continue our vital work.


100% of the monies goes toward Marie Curie 


Name on the front of the Car, on the wing:
Recomended donation only £1.00


Cars with no Stickers

Lindy Astbury - £1

Matt Sully - £1

Borys Nowicki - £1

Ola & Adam - £1

Dudley Rae - £1

Companies on the Car:


Yanoshe for donating £144.50 on the Tour de Kurla 2 to Marie Curie

Toxic Designs for donating a sign for the car £10.00

TIVVY COBBLERS for donating a sign for the car £20.00

Kale Signs for donating a signs for the car for free