Charity Collections

The Marie Curie Urgent Appeal

Right now, more people need us than ever before. Our nurses, hospices and Support Line have been here through it all, day and night, caring for dying people with and without coronavirus. We urgently need your donations to help continue our vital work.


100% of the monies goes toward Marie Curie 


For the rest of 2020 Marie Curie have beeen collecting on the Street and in certain Superstores

  • Wells (Wells Market Place or High Street) , 24th October 2020

  • Morrisons, Exeter, 14th November 2020 (in store)

If you could see Matt at any of these locations and donate from 1p to £50 that would be much appreciated during these difficult times.  Marie Curie have even now got a card reader.... So you don't even need to carry change...


Matt & Dudley at Morrisons