Matt Sully in Norway

Thanks to all who donated in 2018, we reached our goal of £6000 for Marie Curie, thank you from us, and all the persons you helped.


In 2018, William and I have traveled to The Nurburgring, Germany (optional Ferrari Museum), down over the mountains and the Stelvio Pass, with optional visits to Venice (wine festival) and back up to Prague.

Motoscape Challenge  takes a journey through 12 countries in 7 days.  UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia & Czech Republic.   I will also like to try to get to Litchenstein, and Switzerland if time will allow us.

Our chosen charity is Marie Curie this time..... So lets get collecting


£10 Nürburgring donations , Germany (02/09/18) (Matt, William)

£80 Motoscape Challenge (beer money donations), France (01/09/18) (William)

£150 Motoscape Challenge (best Car), France (01/09/18) (Matt, William)

£10 Campsite donations, Château du GandspetteFrance (31/08/18) (Matt, William)

£62.11 Tantivy, Dulverton (19/08/18) (Matt)
£823.11 Asda, Yeovil (24/03/18) (Matt, William)

£414.11 John Lewis, Exeter (08/03/18) (Matt, William)

£625.83 Morrisons, Taunton (10/03/18) (Matt, William)

£336.70 Morrisons, Exeter (09/03/18) (Matt)

£286.20 Morrisons, Exeter (08/03/18) (Matt)

£161.86 Tescos Metro, Exeter (24/02/18) (Matt)

£1052.03 Tescos, Taunton (17-18/02/18) (Matt, William)

£129.32 Tescos Extra, Yeovil (21/01/18) (Matt)

£361.89 Tescos , Cullompton (20/01/18) (Matt)

£324.84 Tescos, Taunton (21/12/17) (Matt)

£312.67 Tescos, Tiverton (16/12/17) (Matt)

£139.62 Superdrug, Tiverton  (15/12/17) (Matt)

£723.75 Morrisons, Tiverton  (18/11/17) (Matt, William)


Supporting Marie Curie and Cancer Research UK in 2017.  Was excellent collections in and around the South West of the UK.  Standing outside countless supermarkets, stores and goblet collections in a variety of shops.  So thank you to all you raised massive amounts of charity.

£ 5105.05 inc Gift aid

We supported Cool Earth and Cancer Research UK in this challenge.  £500 donated to Cool Earth and the rest for Cancer Research UK.  They both do exceptional jobs, Cool Earth supprt the rainforests of South America where Carncer Reseach UK need money to afford reseach in trying to comabat the deadly disease.

£4423.13 plus £8000 worth on medical supplies

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